Online Sewing Tutor

R 199 per hour

Let the Elves help you learn at home.

Product Description

Learn to sew with Elves At Work’s online class.
Book your own private online tutor and learn to use your sewing machine, get guidance with your next sewing project or troubleshoot any sewing machine issues via Whatsapp Video Call.

Don’t have a sewing machine? Click here for more information!
For over a decade, Elves At Work have successfully trained hundreds of people to sew; helping them get creative, start their own businesses and make their own clothes.
Our expert tutor elves, are highly qualified with years of sewing experience allowing you to learn quickly and easily.
We can help you with the basics which includes:
1. Sewing do’s and don’ts
2. Sewing machine tips
3. Sewing tools and equipment
4. Parts of the sewing machine
5. Straight stitching with paper
6. How to wind the bobbin
7. How to thread the machine
8. Straight stitching with fabric
9. How to back tack
10. Stitching around corners
11. How to create a seam
We can also assist you with your Elves At Work sewing projects and any sewing machine troubleshooting!!
1 hour
(additional online tutoring hours can be booked as needed)
Date and time is based on student and tutor availability. This will be confirmed on receipt of payment.
Have questions?
email:[email protected]
Please note
Training is provided in English.
Data costs may apply.